We believe that self-care is the solution to enjoy beautiful, healthy, fulfilling lives.

The desire to improve yourself boosts self-esteem, prevents depression, and inspires self- love. Our mission is to help people explore top-rated services so they can feel their best!

In this journey of improving our self-esteem we know that chosing the right treatments for our skin & body is overwhelming.

There’s so many options but which one is right for you?

Blushup makes it easier than ever and here’s why you can trust us:

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Our platform is not opened to all service providers. Professionals must pass a strict vetting process to get approved
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Unbiased recommendations. We care about our customer’s satisfaction. We are happy when we help others be happy.
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We use artificial intelligence to analyze your concerns and give you a personalized recommendation of what treatments are right for you

How does Blushup work?

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Take Quiz

Take our 3min. quiz to tells us about your main concerns. Blushup uses artificial intelligence to determine the best services for your needs with the top rated professionals in your area.

Get Recommendations

After reviewing your profile, we’ll email you a customized list of recommendations in your area. All for free!
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Choose/Book Treatment

Select your treatment of choice and book an appointment with your preferred provider. Blushup customers get a discount

Our Story

It all started with a woman’s desire to help others feel more confident...

Blushup was founded in 2017. In a short time, we have accomplished incredible things, thanks to the dedication of our Market Partners, the enthusiastic support of our Customers and team. We believe everyone should have easy access to services that makes them feel their most beautiful and confident self. Whether it’s experimenting with dermal fillers, anti-aging treatments, or testing a new look, we wanted to create an online platform where it was easy to discover top-rated options and book with trust. Most Blushup employees are also customers; so we know what you need and we built it for you.
“Living your best life is all about feeling confident with who you are. Be daring enough to try new things and maybe just as I did throughout this process you will discover a better, more confident, more empowering version of yourself.”



Blushup Founder / CEO